Tena Preuss
Owner and Head Cheer and Dance Coach
    Heidi Colton
    Junior Dance and Youth Cheer Coach

Bonnie Davis

Dance Technique Director and Ballet instructor

Bonnie started dancing at the age of 3 and has been captivated ever since. She is trained in classical ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, contemporary, pom/drill, dance pedagogy, kinesiology and choreography.  Bonnie holds numerous national dance titles and has been an All American Dancer 3 times. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater Arts & Dance.  Bonnie with the help of 2 fellow dancers at Mesa State College were the first to introduce and implement a "Senior Dance Capstone" for graduating senior dance students at MSC.  Bonnie is CSCA & AACCA certified. Bonnie coached the Junior Express All Star Team for 4 years, during which time they won numerous national titles under her direction.  She works with all levels of dancers in the Express All Star dance program, focusing on improving and perfecting their technique, flexibility and strength. She enjoys sharing her love of dance with young dancers.






    Raven Finegan

     Junior Cheer Coach

Makena Church

Hiphop Instructor






    Amanda Martinez

    Eagles Rec Coach

Tani Stanko

Youth Dance Coach